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Our diamonds are elevated in jewellery designs that light up life’s most memorable occasions as well as its everyday moments, igniting a spark in the wearer and encouraging them to live life to their full potential. Our designs are modern, clean, distinctive yet never overly ornate. They are timeless with a twist, and the diamond is the hero of each piece.

De Beers individually selects beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds for De Beers Forevermark. Of the world’s natural diamonds, less than 1% are eligible to be selected as De Beers Forevermark. Each De Beers Forevermark diamond receives the unique. De Beers Forevermark inscription, proof that it has been cared for along its journey. They are available at over 2000 jeweller locations worldwide.

DeBeers Forevermark diamonds connect individuals

to the wonder of nature, to the past and the future, and symbolise the joy and meaning of their lives and relationships.  

At the heart of De Beers is 'Building Forever', the company's commitment to ensure that every diamond we discover creates a lasting positive impact for the people and places where it is found.
Forever mark